Spectacular Bond

In the new book Spectacular Bond: Reaching the Child with Autism, two doctors from Columbia University and a parent of a child with autism present a life-changing autism treatment program that leads to major improvements in behavior, communication, and social interaction. The program – Spectacular Bond – takes aspects of the parent-child relationship that typically “run on auto-pilot” and brings these intricacies into consciousness. Conscious control over these subtle and typically hidden aspects of the parent-child relationship enables parents to confidently handle the range of challenging behaviors they encounter.

The book details a six-component plan that, within weeks, leads to

  • more meaningful social interaction,
  • diminished temper tantrums,
  • greater capacity for self-control, and
  • improved attention.

The end result is a transformation in the life of the child, the parent, and all members of the family.

Spectacular Bond is the only autism behavior program that combines the latest research in neuroscience, linguistics, and the psychology of parent-child interaction.

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